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Using Customer Reviews In Marketing on Digital Platforms

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June 3, 2024

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Customer reviews and testimonials are integral parts of digital marketing because they are multi-purpose content machines by which you can build social proof, boost SEO, and update your website with new content. 

Using customer reviews in marketing also serves as feedback mechanisms that can act as powerful endorsements that can significantly impact a brand's credibility and popularity. 

As consumers increasingly rely on digital platforms for shopping decisions, the role of reviews becomes even more critical, offering real-time insights into a product's performance and customer satisfaction.

This illustrates the significant role of openly shared customer experiences in fostering trust and influencing potential buyers. By presenting honest evaluations from fellow consumers, reviews guide shoppers in making more informed decisions and effectively boost consumer confidence in a product or service.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use testimonials and reviews to enhance your digital marketing strategy. 

Leveraging Testimonials and Customer Review Marketing for Lead Generation

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020, a dramatic increase from previous years. Moreover, the same survey highlighted that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. 

Testimonials and reviews, with their authenticity and direct customer experience communication, can get people curious about your products and services and boost sales. 

A study conducted by Wyzow reveals that 95% of individuals acknowledge that reviews, regardless of being positive or negative, impact their buying choices. The Spiegel Research Center reports that displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by up to 270%.

Here’s how you can strategically position these powerful tools for optimal impact:

Highlight Reviews on Key Conversion Pages

Placing customer testimonials prominently on your homepage, product pages, and checkout pages can serve as powerful trust signals. For landing pages specifically designed for lead generation, including a few high-impact testimonials can reassure visitors of the value and reliability of the product or service offered.

Consider the following Sleeknote’s customer testimonial on its landing page. 

Source: Sleeknote

Use a Mixed Format

Incorporate a variety of formats, such as text, video, and audio reviews, to cater to the different preferences of your audience. Videos can be particularly persuasive because they show real people advocating for your product, making the testimonials feel more authentic and relatable.

We suggest you use Testimonial Donut to integrate video testimonials/reviews and Google reviews on your website. Using this tool is extremely easy as you get a dashboard for testimonial management, collection, and integration. That simplifies your workflow so you can focus on other parts of your business well. 

Optimize Placement

Experiment with the placement of testimonials on your digital assets. Common effective spots are near call-to-action button placements where they can reinforce the message or at points in the browsing process where users typically hesitate before committing.

Gift a Melody, an Indian song-gifting company, does this well by placing a “Get your song” button on the top of the website and other places as well. This button acts as a CTA and urges people to place their orders. 

Additionally, you can also utilize customer stories and case studies to capture more leads by illustrating detailed scenarios of how your product or service has successfully resolved clients' challenges. 

Develop In-depth Case Studies 

Create comprehensive case studies that outline specific examples of how your product or service provided a solution to a problem faced by a client. Include hard data when possible to back up your statements and outcomes achieved.

This is especially important if your order amount is big and you’re in a B2B business or want to build an ongoing or repeat relationship with the client. 

Feature Customer Stories in Blogs and Articles

Using your blog or news section to share customer stories can organically draw in readers who are researching similar solutions, thereby generating inbound leads.

Additionally, you can also use relevant keywords in your blogs and keep updating your website with new content that not only keeps users engaged but also boosts your SEO performance and helps your website rank better in relevant search engine searches. 

Utilize in Email Campaigns

Include short customer testimonials or links to case studies in your email marketing campaigns to persuade subscribers by showing how others have benefited.

Create Dedicated Testimonial Pages for Reviews Marketing

A webpage solely dedicated to case studies and testimonials can serve as a resource for potential leads to see the breadth of your capabilities and the satisfaction of your customer base.

Gift a Melody, for example, has a ‘user stories’ webpage on its website, which highlights testimonials by the customers who bought a song gift from the company and were happy with the results. 

Source: Gift a Melody

Utilizing Social Proof in Digital Marketing

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. For example, when a new movie releases and you see people posting about it on your social media feed. The more you see people posting about it, the more you feel drawn towards it.

This recently happened when Barbie and Oppenheimer were released. People were compelled to compare and watch both movies. Both of them had classic social proofing working for them, thanks to the digital marketing team and the people of social media. Similarly, when your favorite influencers post a TikTok on a song, that song goes viral. 

For digital marketing, social proof is a powerful tool to build trust with potential customers. It alleviates the skepticism that consumers often feel with online purchases by showcasing that others have had positive experiences with a brand or product.

For products and services, seeing others endorse a product, especially people who are relatable to the potential buyer, provides a sense of validation and reassurance. This reduces the perceived risk of trying a new product or service and increases consumer confidence in their decision-making.

By transparently showing customer feedback, businesses can establish credibility. Positive reviews and testimonials communicate that a business is reliable and trustworthy, which is especially important for new or lesser-known brands.

You can utilize internet marketing product reviews, positive reviews, in-depth case studies, customer/client success stories, testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and other means to establish that social proof and increase awareness around your brand, leads, and sales. 

Integrating Testimonials and Reviews in Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for any business, as it keeps users engaged and aware of their brand. It can also become a means of customer conversion if you use it cleverly. 

One of the strategies that successful brands use is integrating testimonials, customer reviews, and customer/client success stories in their emails and newsletters. Here are some tips you can use to enhance your email campaigns with customer testimonials and reviews. 

  • Personalized Testimonial Selection: Tailor the testimonials you include in emails to match the interests or past behaviors of the subscriber. For instance, if a customer has previously browsed a specific product category, include testimonials related to those products.
  • Incorporate Reviews in Product Promotions: Add a section within the email highlighting customer reviews when promoting a particular product or service. This provides immediate credibility and can help alleviate any hesitations the reader might have about purchasing.
  • Utilize Star Ratings: Include aggregate star ratings for products when sending out newsletters or promotional content. This quick visual representation of product quality can encourage readers to explore and ultimately purchase an item.
  • Narrative Testimonials in Storytelling: Use detailed customer stories or case studies within your emails to narrate how your product or service has positively impacted others. 
  • Post-Purchase Review Requests: After purchase, follow up with an email thanking the customer and inviting them to review their purchase. This not only provides you with more content for future use but also encourages customer engagement.

Shoe company Danner sends out emails highlighting specific products with user-submitted photos and testimonials. They showcase how real customers wear their products, adding authenticity to their marketing and encouraging clicks and purchases.

Source: Popupsmart

Marketer growth reviews can be integrated into your emails using tools like Testimonial Donut, which gives you a simple and easy-to-use dashboard for testimonials/reviews collection, management, and integration. 

Maximizing SEO Benefits with Testimonials and Reviews

Reviews and testimonials can be treated as an opportunity to feature relevant keywords, high-quality links, good resolution or original images, provide keyword-rich content, increase retention of users on the website, and perform similar activities that boost search engine rankings. 

For example, positive testimonials, customer success stories in the form of blogs/articles, and detailed reviews can engage visitors, making them spend more time on your site. Search engines interpret longer dwell times as a sign that your site is providing valuable content, which can improve your SEO rankings.

Yes, We Hack, for example, uses detailed customer stories and breakdowns in the form of articles, which boosts their SEO. 

Source: Yes We Hack

Authentic testimonials and reviews can make your search listings more appealing, increasing the likelihood that users will click on your links. Higher CTRs can signal search engines that your website is a valuable resource, potentially improving your rankings.

Using Testimonials and Reviews in Paid Advertising

Even in paid ads that you put through Meta Ads or Google Ads, reviews and testimonials can do direct and authentic customer-to-customer interaction and ensure effective communication. 

For example, including customer quotes in Facebook ads or featuring star ratings in Google Ads can make the advertisement stand out and resonate more with potential customers browsing online. 

Video testimonials are particularly impactful, as they can be used in YouTube pre-roll ads, where a customer shares their positive experience in a compelling and personal manner. A notable example of successful integration is Slack’s use of customer testimonials in its paid campaigns.

Slack highlighted stories from satisfied users who explained how the platform improved their team collaboration, which helped humanize the brand and demonstrated real-world benefits to potential new users. 

These strategies of testimonial advertisements, when executed well, can drive higher engagement and increase conversion rates, making testimonials and reviews powerful tools in paid advertising campaigns.

Leveraging Influencers and Brand Advocates for Testimonials and Reviews

In your niche or industry, there may be trusted figures, organizations, or brands that already hold sway with your potential customers. These could include influencers, social media entities, and various groups you can approach to showcase and review your products or services.

Consider the possibility of collaborating with these entities or engaging in paid campaigns with them. The impact of such partnerships is evident in cases like Cristiano Ronaldo, whose rejection of a Coca-Cola bottle led to a dip in its share price. 

Similarly, Rage Coffee partners with athlete Virat Kohli as a brand advocate, and Uniqlo has famously collaborated with Roger Federer. These alliances can significantly enhance brand visibility and credibility.

Testimonial propaganda and celebrity endorsements can take your digital marketing campaign to the next level. 

Source: Rage Coffee

Similarly, Rage Coffee also utilizes the certifications it received from credible health organizations to build social proof and reliability amongst its customers. 

Source: https://ragecoffee.com/

Influencers can create content where they share their genuine experiences and opinions about a product or service. This not only acts as a testimonial but can influence their followers to trust their judgment. 

Brand advocates, on the other hand, provide real-life success stories and positive experiences that can be featured on websites, social media, and marketing materials, acting as powerful endorsements.

On the other hand, If you are a small or a new business with limited resources, the best brand advocates are your customers and their authentic testimonials and word-of-mouth. Highlight their positive experiences and win people’s trust with that. 

Hanacure is great with their Instagram testimonial strategy where they post direct quotations from their customers. This marketing is so effective and looks real. 

Source -Hana Cure's before/after customer testimonial

Final Thoughts 

Digital marketing is a complicated web, but most of it is about building a community and then utilizing the existing community to grow that community. Testimonials and customer reviews are a great way to attract new customers and get the best out of your digital marketing strategy. 

Using customer reviews in marketing may not be easy, but it works. The hardest part sometimes is to collect and manage those customer reviews. However, with Testimonial Donut, you get a user-friendly interface to do that, for free. 

Testimonial Donut is designed to be convenient and easy so your testimonial and review collection game can go up a notch. Thank you for reading. 


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