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The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Testimonials for Mortgage Brokers

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April 12, 2024

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Picture this: You're browsing online for a new gadget. Do you just trust the manufacturer's claims about how awesome it is? Nah! You probably scroll down to the reviews section, right? Because let's face it, there's nothing like hearing real people sing praises about a product or service. That's the magic of testimonials!

Now, let's apply this to the mortgage game. Potential clients are bombarded with options, they're not just going to take your word for it. They want proof – real stories from real people who have walked the path before them. 

That's where testimonials come in. 

Why Mortgage Brokers Should Prioritise Testimonials?

When potential clients stumble upon your website or social media page, what will make them stop scrolling and say, "Hmmm, maybe these folks know their stuff"? You guessed it – glowing testimonials and reviews! They're like mini endorsements, whispering in your prospect's ear, "Hey, we're the real deal, and we've got the satisfied clients to prove it."

  • Complexity Breeds Caution
    Mortgages aren't exactly a walk in the park. With terms, rates, and fine print galore, navigating this terrain can feel like tiptoeing through a minefield. Understandably, clients cautiously approach this process, seeking reassurance and validation at every turn.
  • The Trust Factor
    Trust is the currency of the mortgage realm. Clients are essentially handing over the keys to their financial future and are not about to do so lightly. They crave reassurance, authenticity, and tangible proof that they're making the right choice.
  • Fear of the Unknown
    Buying a home is one of life's biggest decisions, and it's often accompanied by a healthy dose of anxiety. Clients want to know they're in safe hands – that they're not venturing into uncharted territory alone. Testimonials act as beacons of light, guiding them through the darkness and offering a glimmer of hope amidst the uncertainty.
  • The Power of Social Proof
    Humans are social creatures, hardwired to seek validation from others. When faced with a daunting decision like securing a mortgage, we instinctively look to our peers for guidance.
    Enter testimonials – real stories from people who have been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. They provide the social proof we crave, reassuring us that we're not alone in this journey.
  • Emotional Connection
    Let's not forget the emotional component of the home-buying process. For many, purchasing a home is more than just a financial transaction – it's a deeply personal milestone laden with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Testimonials tap into this emotional wellspring, forging connections that transcend numbers and statistics.

Consider the following example of a testimonial on Mission Mortgage

Source: Mission Mortgage

“I have been a Realtor since 1985. I have done a lot of business with Lou Ann Bransford for a large part of that time. She is absolutely wonderful for work with. She is very easy to talk with and will answer any and all questions. I really loved being able to send my customers to her to be prequalified when first beginning to look at property. That way I was not taking folks to look at property they were not qualified to purchase. She always had time for me. I really like how she kept me informed during the entire process, from getting the contract up to the last second before closing the transaction. She stayed on top of things and kept the paper work moving without snags. If a problem popped up she always got things worked out and we stayed on track. I never did NOT close any transaction that I started with her. She is very sweet and wonderful at her job. She is top notch in my book. I would recommend her under any circumstances. I think she can do anything. Anybody in my profession that I knew that had the opportunity to work with Lou Ann really liked her. We all had the utmost respect for her and her ability. All of my Brokers liked her as well. We all called on her every chance we got. We all knew if we had her on the job, things would get done and done correctly. Quickly as well. She just knows how to make things happen. Absolutely a “dream” to work with.”

This is a great example of how your customer can be your best salesman!

In essence, testimonials serve as anchors in a sea of uncertainty, offering clients the reassurance and validation they need to take that leap of faith. Testimonials are a game-changer in the mortgage sector for enhancing credibility.

Gathering Effective Testimonials

Timing is Key

Strike while the iron is hot! Reach out to clients shortly after you've helped them achieve their mortgage goals when their experience is fresh in their minds, and their satisfaction is at its peak.

Make it Easy

Don't make your clients jump through hoops to sing your praises. Provide them with simple, straightforward ways to share their feedback, whether through a quick online form, an email, or a phone call.

Ask Specific Questions

Don't just ask for generic testimonials – prompt your clients with specific questions highlighting the aspects of your service you want to showcase. 

For example, ask about their experience working with you, how you helped them overcome challenges, and what they would say to someone considering your services.


Incentivize Participation (Ethically)

While it's tempting to offer incentives for testimonials, tread carefully to ensure you're not crossing any ethical lines or violating regulations. Instead, focus on providing exceptional service that naturally inspires clients to share their positive experiences.

Follow-Up Up

If a client agrees to provide a testimonial but hasn't followed through, don't be afraid to gently remind them. A friendly follow-up can often nudge them to take action and share their feedback.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

While testimonials can be powerful marketing tools, it's essential to navigate legal and ethical considerations to avoid any pitfalls. Here's what you need to know.

Honesty is Non-Negotiable

Never, ever fabricate or embellish testimonials. Not only is it unethical, but it can also land you in hot water legally. Always ensure that testimonials are genuine and accurately reflect clients' experiences.

Obtain Consent

Before using a client's testimonial for marketing purposes, always obtain their explicit consent. This can typically be done through a consent form or agreement clearly outlining how their testimonial will be used.

Disclose Material Connections

If you have a material connection with the person providing the testimonial – for example if they're a close friend or family member – disclose this connection to avoid any perception of bias or manipulation.

Stay Compliant

Be aware of any regulatory requirements governing testimonials in your industry or jurisdiction. This might include rules about disclosure, substantiation of claims, or the use of disclaimers.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations necessitate honest testimonials, mandating the revelation of any significant relationships between endorsers and businesses.

Respect Privacy

Protect your clients' privacy by only using their testimonials in ways that they've agreed to and ensuring that any identifying information is used responsibly and with consent.

If all of these strategies and practices seem daunting or “too much” for you, we have a convenient solution for you. We at Testimonial Donut provide an easy and simple interface wherein you can log in for free and manage your testimonials better. 

You can share links with your customers for video and written testimonials, Google reviews, etc. All the testimonials accumulate in your dashboard. The best part is that we are the only company offering these services for free, with a subtle branding on widgets that is not intrusive or disturbing. 

Storytelling through Client Testimonials

A customer is not just buying your services, a client is buying into stories. Picture this: A client walks through your door with dreams of homeownership but is bogged down by financial woes. 

Paint a vivid picture of their journey before they found you - the hurdles they faced, the doubts they had, and the dreams they dared to dream. Then, focus on showcasing the transformation that occurred as a result of your services, highlighting specific benefits and outcomes. 


Injecting personality into testimonials by including quotes and anecdotes adds authenticity and makes the narrative more relatable. Appeal to emotions by sharing moments of triumph or relief experienced by your clients, but do so in a genuine and respectful manner. 

The quotate in the following testimonials is doing all the selling in the following testimonial. 


End with a call to action, inviting people to engage further with your services. Consider the following client story followed by a solid CTA. 


That helps you tap into your customers’ psyche and build an emotional connection. Don't just tell your story – show it! Enhance the emotional impact of your testimonials by incorporating visuals such as photos, videos, or graphics.

You must use all mediums, like videos, texts, infographics, images, etc., to tailor your storytelling to address their needs and emotions.

Finally, foster a sense of community and connection by encouraging your readers to share their own stories and experiences. Create opportunities for dialogue and engagement, and show genuine interest in their stories. 

You can do that via social media, WhatsApp groups, community events, etc. After all, everyone loves to feel heard and valued.

Leveraging Video Testimonials

With attention spans shrinking, video content reigns supreme, offering a dynamic way to showcase satisfied clients and connect with potential customers. However, it’s important to keep the testimonials real and concise. 

Authenticity is key – encourage clients to share genuine experiences and emotions. Craft compelling narratives that highlight challenges, transformations, and positive outcomes in under two minutes. 

Showcase diversity to appeal to a broad audience and invest in high-quality production for a polished, professional look. With these strategies, your video testimonials will resonate powerfully, driving results and forging stronger connections with your audience.

Showcasing Testimonials on Your Website

Your website is your digital storefront, and testimonials are the glowing reviews that lure customers in. Here's how to design a winning testimonial page:

  • Keep it Simple: Start by keeping the design clean and clutter-free. Choose a layout that's easy on the eyes and allows testimonials to shine without distractions.
  • Organise Wisely: Arrange testimonials in a logical order, whether it's by date, category, or relevance. Consider using categories to group testimonials based on services or client demographics for added clarity.
  • Include Variety: Showcase a diverse range of testimonials to appeal to different audiences. Mix it up with quotes, videos, case studies, and ratings to keep things interesting and engaging.

Read more about working with different testimonial formats here

Source: Mortgage Corp utilising text and video testimonials in combination
  • Add Visual Appeal: Spruce up your testimonial page with visuals such as client photos, logos, or video thumbnails. Visual elements not only add interest but also lend credibility to your testimonials.
  • Make it Interactive: Encourage visitors to engage with your testimonials by including interactive features such as star ratings, likes, or comments.

Now that you've designed the perfect testimonial page, it's time to put your testimonials front and center on your website. Here are some best practices for displaying testimonials effectively:

  • Homepage Highlights: Don't bury your testimonials on a dedicated page – showcase them prominently on your homepage. Whether it's a rotating carousel, a grid of thumbnails, or a dynamic feed, make sure your testimonials grab attention right from the start.
  • Strategic Placement: In addition to your homepage, strategically place testimonials throughout your website, especially on key landing pages and conversion points. Displaying testimonials where potential clients are most likely to see them increases their impact and effectiveness.
  • Contextual Relevance: Pair testimonials with relevant content to maximize their impact. For example, feature testimonials from first-time homebuyers on your homebuying guide page or showcase refinancing success stories on your refinancing services page.
  • Call to Action: Don't just let your testimonials sit there – use them to prompt action. Include a call to action (CTA) alongside or within testimonials, inviting visitors to learn more, contact you, or explore your services further.
  • Keep it Fresh: Regularly update your testimonials to keep your website content current and relevant. Rotate testimonials periodically to showcase new success stories and ensure that your testimonials remain authentic and up-to-date.
  • Use social media posts and online reviews as testimonials: For example, check how mortgage.find.me has embedded Google reviews as testimonials. 

Utilising Testimonials in Social Media Marketing

Social media is the playground of the modern age. Start by sharing success stories across various platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter. These bite-sized testimonials humanise your brand and showcase your expertise in a relatable way. 

Engage with your audience by encouraging interaction – ask questions, prompt discussions, and respond to comments. By fostering genuine connections through testimonials, you'll turn followers into loyal fans and potential clients into satisfied customers.

Consider the following YouTube Short Video that is doing very compelling storytelling. It’s an audio testimonial transcribed using captions. 


These testimonials on your social media and website can also boost your SEO performance. Read more about that here

Email Marketing and Testimonials

Incorporate glowing reviews and success stories into your email campaigns to add credibility and persuasion. Personalise your emails by selecting testimonials that resonate with each recipient's needs and interests. 

Whether it's a first-time homebuyer looking for reassurance or a seasoned investor seeking validation, tailor your testimonials to speak directly to your audience's pain points and aspirations.

We also have some solid testimonial templates for you that you can check out here


Handling Negative Testimonials

Negative feedback happens – it's how you respond that matters. Turn negative testimonials into opportunities by acknowledging and addressing concerns head-on. 

Show empathy, take responsibility, and offer solutions to rectify the situation. The importance of a thoughtful response strategy cannot be overstated – it not only demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction but also showcases your professionalism and integrity. Remember, a well-handled negative testimonial can turn a dissatisfied customer into your biggest advocate.

Case Studies: Successful Testimonial Campaigns

  • A mortgage broker increased client inquiries by 40% after implementing a testimonial campaign highlighting success stories of satisfied customers.
  • Another mortgage broker saw a significant boost in brand credibility and differentiation in a highly competitive market by showcasing client testimonials.

Check the complete case study here

  • Another Mortgage Broker utilised video testimonials on their website and social media, resulting in a 50% increase in engagement and a 30% rise in lead conversions. Check the complete case study here

Future Trends in Testimonial Marketing

As the mortgage industry evolves, so too does testimonial marketing. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovations and predicting future trends. From interactive testimonials and video reviews to AI-powered recommendation engines, you must explore new ways to harness the power of social proof and customer feedback. 


After reading this, we are sure you’re convinced about the power of testimonials in the mortgage sector. We now suggest you implement these strategies and see what works best for you. Apply your own flavor and uniqueness to the execution based on your customers' behavior.

Also, check out Testimonial Donut to simplify and ease your testimonial collection and management process.


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