Our beta process
iN 6 easy steps

1. You sign up to our free Beta

You get video testimonials to match your brand on your website FREE for 6 months. Plus your feedback helps shape the product.

2. We do the mock designs for you

We'll do designs of how your video testimonials will look on your website. We make them custom to match your site. You give the ok when you're happy with how they look.

3. You choose 5 clients to do testimonials

We will do the heavy lifting here. You just choose 5 great customers and we'll give you links to send to each of them. Super easy.

4. Your customers record the videos

Your customer receive the link from you by text or email. They then record their videos from their phone or desktop computer. We give prompts and make it all super easy for them.

5. We create the custom widget for your site

We do the technical work to make a widget with your video testimonials that will show on your website.

6. You add the lush testimonials to your website

We'll help you make sure that the widget sits perfectly on your website and looks amazing.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a video testimonial and how does Testimonial Donut assist with it?

A video testimonial is a recorded statement from a customer that praises a product, service, or company. These testimonials typically emphasize personal experiences, the benefits received, or the issues resolved through the use of a product or service.

Testimonial Donut is a platform designed to facilitate the collection and display of these video testimonials. Its primary purpose is to assist businesses in leveraging this type of feedback for marketing purposes.

By using Testimonial Donut, businesses can effortlessly collect and showcase these powerful stories, enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

What are the advantages of taking part in the Beta phase?

As a Beta user, you receive the following exclusive perks:

1. Access to Testimonial Donut for one 1-year FREE of charge.
2. Lifetime discount of your choosing post the 1-year period*
3️. The ability to influence how Testimonial Donut evolves through your feedback.

* The lifetime discount is only available to those who place a fully refundable $50 deposit.

What are the steps to start using Testimonial Donut?

To begin, please register for our Beta program. Upon registration, we'll reach out with detailed information and next steps.

Sign up for our Beta program by registering here.

What is the cost?

We offer your first year of access completely FREE of charge. After the first year of free access we will provide a variety of reasonably priced subscription tiers, including a Free tier.

Beta users who make a fully refundable $50 deposit can also select a lifetime discount of their choice. Yes, that's right! This deposit will then be applied towards your subscription fees after the trial period ends.

What's the process collecting video testimonials from my customers?

With our tool, you can send an email, SMS or manually share a link directing your clients to a portal. There, they can record their personal video testimonials in response to questions about your product or service. You'll have the flexibility to customise these questions to best suit your business.

During the Beta phase, we also offer a complimentary "white glove" service. We'll handle the coordination for you as if you had a dedicated assistant, ensuring a smooth and effortless testimonial collection process.

How can I display the video testimonials on my website, and what will they look like?

We'll create a custom widget that seamlessly integrates with your existing website design. You can decide where this widget will be placed. We will then provide a simple code snippet that you can easily add to your website - no advanced coding skills required on your part.

If you need assistance with this, we're here to help you incorporate the code into your website smoothly..


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